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Nedim Nazerali is a British Photographer, Artist and Director. His professional approach is to co-create an interpersonal space with his clients, enabling him to contribute in a collaborative vision and remote enough so as to observe and capture his subjects’ in their most authentic and intimate moments.  Through this personal reportage style, Ned’s photography captures a visual narrative into the unique ways in which his subjects occupy their own bodies, express their self-beliefs and inhabit their private spaces.  

He has collaborated with some of the world's most prestigious brands including Samsung, Cartier, Topshop, Bates Hats, Ozwald Boateng and Burberry to name a few.

Ned also made connections in the music scene, where he met the young Rita Ora and captured her portraits for the TV Series 'The Rita Ora Diaries'. He was then commissioned  to shoot Rita's promotional images for the release of her Debut Album. Since, Ned has directed numerous music videos and narrative-driven film for live concerts and multimedia shows. He has shot multiple record covers and portraits for the likes of Paloma Faith, Leonn, Inglorious and 5-time Grammy Award winning The Swingles.

In 2017, Ned worked on a two year project with musician Wrenne to direct film for her immersive live show.  During this time, a unique style of art expression flourished within his visual language. Ned had the urge to body paint Wrenne with nature's elements to transform her as a released soul in bodily form on Earth and to reveal her higher self. The image was admired greatly and was used for Wrenne's album cover and the marketing for her European tour. It was also published on the front cover of the Luxury Edinburgh Magazine. 


Since then, Ned has used this creative technique with artists for music videos as well as for numerous album artworks. Most recently he has been producing and exhibiting work under the name 'NART', in which he body paints his subjects like a fresh canvas and transforms them into avatars of universal messages. He explores themes such as identity, self-worth and the limitless possibilities of the human spirit. Ned displays his alluring art with innovative technology including LED Lightboxes, Light Projections and Wall to create an interactive experience for his audience, whilst strengthening the sense of unity within our communities

Supporting our young and future creatives, Ned holds workshops to train and teach students in photography, art and film, then mentors them throughout production towards final shows. In partnership with creative performing art charities such as Union Dance and Neon Elevate, the aim is to open up the arts sector to every young person, educating and supporting them in creatively expressing themselves to the world.


'The Wrenne Show'

Multi Media Concert

Film Directed by Nedim Nazerali

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

August 2018

Mixed Media Shows - With LEONN

COVE17, Club85, Hermitage, Brixton Pow

June Jan 2018 - Oct 2018

NART Exhibition WeAreGold                     
Omera, London

SEPTEMBER 10 - 2017

The Lost Parade                   

The Print Space, London

JUNE 12 - JUNE 19 - 2009

The Lost Parade

The Royal Academy of Arts

MAY 2 - MAY 6 - 2009

Safe + Sound Exhibition

I-D Magazine, London

SEPTEMBER 3 - 2009


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