Nedim Nazerali is a Photographer and Artist who has been capturing the Fashion and Music scene for over a decade.

Ned’s professional approach on set is to co-create an interpersonal space with his clients. These interactive spaces enable him to be close enough to contribute to a collaborative vision. But remote enough so as to observe and capture his subjects’ in their most intimate moments.  Through this personal reportage style, Ned’s photography captures a visual narrative into the unique ways in which his subjects occupy their own bodies, express their self-beliefs and inhabit their private spaces.  

In the Fashion Scene, Ned has collaborated with prestigious brands including Cartier, Ozwald Boateng, Topshop, MCM and Burberry.  

In the Music Scene, Ned has directed narrative - driven Music Videos, shot numerous record covers and promotional shoots and for the likes of Inglorious, Rita Ora, LEONN, and 5-time Grammy Award winning The Swingles. 



Omera, London

SEPTEMBER 10 - 2017

The Lost Parade

The Royal Academy of Arts

MAY 2 - MAY 6 - 2009


The Lost Parade                   

The Print Space, London

JUNE 12 - JUNE 19 - 2009

Safe + Sound

I-D Magazine, London

SEPTEMBER 3 - 2009



Tel: +44 79 4600 6990

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